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Choosing The Right Liberal Arts / Sciences & Humanities Major. With over 2,100 different majors to choose from, selecting the best one can be daunting. The best fit for you should align with your goals, interests and natural strengths. Want help selecting the best match major for you? Try Majors Matcher.

Humanities major

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The Humanities degree is offered cooperatively by three separate programs or disciplines: Classics, Philosophy and Religious Studies. Our major is unique in two ways: students may choose course work equivalent to a major in a single discipline or create a broader curriculum of their choice from various humanities courses; and our degree also has a strong interdisciplinary side. 2020-10-05 The humanities major is an interdisciplinary major, tailored to your specific interests and synthesizing material from history, art, music, drama, philosophy, world languages, English, and world literature into a single major. You can choose classes that reflect Major Program of Studies at FSU: (42 hours; beyond General Education requirements) 42 hours beyond General Education, to be chosen from three approved Humanities departments/areas (listed below).

Students complete 18 lower division units including.

Major in Gender, Sexuality and society BA, The American

Because of the breadth of the curricula, humanities majors often learn skills that employers value, such as critical thinking, communication, complex problem-solving, research, and time management. In fact, many employers seek out humanities majors for this very reason, so your major may make you an even more attractive candidate. As a humanities major, you’ll gain the ability to reason critically, communicate effectively, and make connections across broad fields of knowledge.

Humanities major

Post-doctoral fellowship in the Medical Humanities South

Humanities major

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Humanities major

The skills you learn in these majors are very beneficial and can often be applied to numerous professions.
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The Humanities major prepares students for careers in the arts, arts administration, business, corporate communications, government, teaching, museum work,  Humanities. Major. Degrees Available: Bachelor of Arts. Explore the cultural, intellectual and social dimensions of the human experience. Willamette students   Discover and pursue new questions in humanities with support from your professors thanks to our 2:1 faculty-major ratio.

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Learn about the different types of jobs and related salaries that may be available to graduates. Get more info about course topics in the humanities. Humanities and social sciences graduate programs offer advanced courses in a students' focus or major. For example, a mathematics major may decide to build on their undergraduate degree and take advanced statistics and calculus courses to obtain the competencies required for higher-level positions in their field.

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Students complete 120 units, as specified below. Lower Division Requirements. Students complete 18 lower division units including. HUM 101W - Introduction to the Humanities (3) An Humanities Major (B.A.) Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Requirements The major in Humanities critically examines the culture, ideas, and values of earlier cultures, western and non-western, both in their original time periods and as they have been appropriated and transformed by later ages.